Ways of Life

Ways of Life

This began as a conference paper read in 1981 at Latrobe University. The conference members were colleagues from Universities and Departments other than my own. The argument is fairly lengthy and intricate but it hangs together.

Among the group were several like Jim Walker and Peter Stevens who claimed to be radical thinkers. In their case, this meant being devoted to a Marxist position. I said more than once and still say, that their radicalism was not radical enough. They were not prepared to question their own thinking at its roots which is what a radical thinker must do if he/she is to be taken seriously.

I would, if any of the group had been dedicated to some other way of thought such as religion or capitalist economic theory, have said the same thing about them. It happened there were none of these present, or if they were there, they remained silent.

I do not recall any very interesting discussion after my paper had been read. Maybe the Marxists also stayed away from the session. They were not very good at listening to anyone who dared to challenge their pseudo radicalism. They also took offence at my paper entitled Marxism, Magic and Metlanguages which was based essentially on the same kind of argument. See another page in this web site.




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