Real Men Swallow Nietszche

I read this paper at the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia conference held at the University of Tasmania in August 1985. I really should resist the temptation to give my essays catchy titles which unfortunately become dated and silly after a few years. When I thought of this one it was a sort of echo of a satirical book by Bruce Feirsteinen entitled Real Men don’t Eat Quiche. The paper itself was not meant to be funny.

On re-reading it I am reminded how closely the so-called Marxist radicals of our PESA followed Nietszche, apparently without realising it. They became very angry with me when I pointed this out. They regarded Nietzsche with loathing but had not read him. Like many others they associated him with Nazism because he was highly regarded by Hitler’s SS. They in their time were totally mislead by the machinations of the philosopher’s sister after he himself died. If a few more people had actually bothered to read his works, confused though they sometimes are, they might have thought more than twice about what they were preaching.


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