Jenny Rat


 Michael, a lonely and reclusive young man, lives in an isolated  house near a large Australian city. During a violent storm he stumbles across a young girl dying in the road outside his gate. Jenny has been brutally and repeatedly assaulted. He takes her in, tries to revive her, gets her to hospital and in the following days and weeks encourages her to rebuild her shattered life. As she painfully improves and grows, he too is forced almost against his will, to grow and develop. Both of them change as the story continues.


People who have read this book fall into two groups. Some find  the early chapters too difficult. The beginning is indeed, grim. The events described by Jenny are, as one reader said, “morally repugnant”. Those who persist appreciate that it is a complex but ultimately optimistic story. One professional reader remarked ” This is a great book—well written, beautifully thought out, creepy and endearing all at the same time. The author has a gift for writing.”

Find out for yourself.

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