Cities at Sea


Cities at Sea is a story set about a thousand years from now. Land-based civilization collapsed long ago as a result of climate change, flooding and impoverishment of soils, wars and other causes. All the major coastal cities of the globe saved themselves by moving onto the oceans, building gigantic and highly sophisticated, entirely self sufficient rafts on which they now navigate at will. Life is easy in the raft cities for those who conform, as almost all do, but strictly disciplined under constant surveillance.

Sal is a restless young woman who longs for something exciting. She imagines a more intimate connection with the sea and its creatures. Her efforts to achieve this lead to extraordinary adventures and changes in her and city life.


A professional reader wrote: “As well as the thinking that has gone into it, the novel is very well realized in terms of its settings. The floating cities have been interestingly conceived. Although it’s a city with millions of inhabitants, Sydney has adopted nautical characteristics, governed by a ‘captain’ and with technicians and administrators who are ‘crew’. Criminality or subversion are ‘mutiny’, and the punishment for crimes is to be marooned on dry land. But into this urban/nautical mix, the author has also woven shades of classical Graeco-Roman culture. Each city also has its own character, with Shanghai embodying elements of ancient China. An interesting and enjoyable work of imaginative fiction, an absorbing, highly readable, entertaining story. This is achieved by skilfully weaving the thoughtful parts into the eventful narrative. I suppose it may be a touch too idiosyncratic for a mass audience, but for those of us who like something a little different, it’s a good read. I recommend it.”

Try something different. Idiosyncracy won’t cost you much!

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