Trawling out of Hull

Long Distance Trawling out of Hull, England.

In 1963 I was approached by the the American publishers, McGraw-Hill, to contribute a short chapter to a book entitled Focus on Geographic Activity, edited by R S Thoman and D J Patton. It was a collection of widely distributed and very different sample studies. I would be one of thirty authors contributing to the 200 page volume. I never knew why I or the subject of trawling, had been chosen. I suppose my other school books had been noticed. I never pretended to know much about trawling but I did the necessary reading and found it interesting to write the eight pages I was allowed in the final production. Mine was one of only two chapters dealing with Britain, the other was by a Canadian writer who gave an account of the Wedgwood pottery company.

In the fishing industry, as in almost everything else, things have changed since 1964, the year of publication.




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