German Air Attaché

German Air Attache : The Thrilling Story of the German Ace Pilot and Wartime Diplomat Peter Riedel

German Air Attache, published in 1997, is an account of ten years in the life of Peter Riedel from his appointment as German Air Attaché in Washington DC before the Second World War, and his subsequent chequered and dangerous career.  Peter had been a hero to me in my youth because of his extraordinary flying. I came to know him and Helen, his faithful wife, well as the book progressed. I wrote the text in the first person intending it to be published in his name with myself as ghost writer. At the last minute he became alarmed about it and tried to prevent publication, to which we both were already committed. The book went ahead with my name as author. We shared the royalties 50 – 50.

I believe the story he told was generally true  but I discovered after publication that he lied about one thing. He denied being a member of the Nazi party. Documents and at least one photograph exist which prove that he joined the Party in 1934 and never resigned.

German Air Attaché is long out of print but may be available through Amazon here.

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